How to contribute to twittering-mode


Recommended way is to fork on GitHub. Visit there and click 'fork' button.

Of course you can clone the git repository in the ordinary way:

git clone git://

How to create patches

We recommend to follow these steps:

  1. Pull the master branch(hayamiz/master on GitHub).
  2. Create a topic branch and make some modifications.
  3. Before sending a patch, rebase the topic branch to the master.
  4. Now it's ready to post your patch. Send a pull request on GitHub (if you have forked) and write a mail to twittering-mode ML.

Topic branch

(now writing...)

Rebasing a topic branch

(now writing...)

Posting your patch

(now writing...)


All your voices should be sent to twittering-mode ML.

Bug reports

If you find some bugs in twittering-mode, please send a mail with detailed information to twittering-mode ML:

  • Platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, ...)
  • Kind of Emacs and its version number (GNU Emacs, XEmacs, Carbon Emacs, ...): you can check it by (emacs-version)<C-j> on *scratch* buffer.
  • What you wanted to do, what you actually did, and what happened.
  • Any other information you think it's important.

If you have enough time, please try to reproduce the bug in a minimal environment. You can launch Emacs without loading any scripts by emacs -Q. This saves our time so much :)

Feature requests and others

Join twittering-mode ML and let's talk!

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